Summer C.A.M.P. 2018


Clinically Advanced Multi-Modality Program 

Clinically Advanced Multi-Modality Program 

Join us for a summer of sun, fun and friends at our Summer C.A.M.P (Clinically Advanced Multi-modality Program). Our C.A.M.P is designed by our staff to accomplish goals in environments where our clients can have the most fun.  Our clients conquer fears, build confidence and self-esteem, and develop an enthusiasm for life while learning social and emotional skills.

Each camper has 7 objectives: 4 group goals and 3 individual goals. The campers are assessed on their performance on these 7 objectives throughout the three or four environments the individual engages in each day. The objectives can be, but are not limited to, increasing impulse control, cooperating with peers, adapting to losing, concentration or staying on task, sharing with others and the art of conversation. SFCC uses a behavioral program to replace ineffective, inappropriate behaviors with positive and effective behaviors. Because the camp environments are similar to the camper’s natural environments, it is very likely that the behaviors taught at SFCC will generalize to the individual’s natural settings (home, school, etc.).

Modalities – Behavior Modification, Token Economy, Modeling+Rehearsal Training, Individual Behavior Therapy, Psychiatric Consultation+ Therapy, Social and Emotional Skill Training, ABA 
Summer C.A.M.P. staff members are hand- selected professionals that are licensed clinical staff, master level interns, Special Education Teachers, Ph.D.’s or Recreation Therapist.
The data proves it works! The base of the program is the same as in all our programs — data-driven and evidence-based treatment.
Each summer program runs for 8-9 weeks where we ask our clients to commit to at least 2 consecutive weeks minimum for results.
Our clients improve in areas of :

  • Self-esteem
  • Social behavior
  • Rule following
  • Friendship skills
  • Classroom behavior
  • Home behavior
  • Academic competence
  • Anger control
  • Problem-solving skills

To register:
Please fill out the completele application on Forms. A processing fee of $300 must be included with the application. We accept check or credit card. We will call and set up an intake appointment once we have your completed application and processing fee.

NJ  Field Trips

Week 1 – June 28th – Pirate Cruise
Week 2 – July 5th – Six Flags
Week 3 – July 12th – Turtle Back Zoo
Week 4 – July 19th – Thundering Surf Water Park
Week 5 – July 25th – Hiking: Hacklebarney State Park

Week 6 – August 2nd – Runaway Rapids Water Park

Week 7 – August 9th – Cheesequake State Park

Week 8 – August 16th – Point Pleasant

Week 9 – August 23rd – Mountain Creek Water Park

Irvine and Yorba Linda Field Trips

Week 1-June 11th –Boomers

Week 2-June 18th- Scooters Jungle

Week 3-June 25th- Long Beach Aquarium

Week 4-July 2nd –Medieval Times

Week 5 -July 9th- LEGOLAND

Week 6-July 16th- Whale Watching-Dana Point

Week 7-July 23rd- Knott’s Berry Farm

Week 8-July 30th- OC Fair

Week 9-August 6th –Splash Buccaneer Bay

Week 10-August 13th- California Science Center

Week 11-August 20th –Train to San Juan Capistrano

Summer C.A.M.P –  To receive more information, please email us at CONTACT US

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