Testimonials and Reviews

80% of the comments below are from SFCC’s Bi-annual performance survey. Other comments  are from clients letters, or postings. We want to hear from you. Please email, call , or write a letter and let us know how we are doing and how we can be our best. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you, Christine Robertello, LCSW , CEO and single mom of Brianna and James.

June 2018 – Survey  results from Irvine, Ca.

How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns about any issues?

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How would you rate the quality of services?

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Dedicated staff

Words can not express the care and compassion that I feel when I think about how SFCC changed my son’s life in such a postive manner. I love how much they love children despite their special needs.

The entire staff is quite amazing, but Liz is just the absolute best!
love you guys! You’ve helped my kiddo so much, and I appreciate the help I’ve received personally as well. I would highly recommend your company to anyone needing support.

More parenting classes

SFCC has made a great difference in my child’s behavior and confidence level. However, I wish they would have parent classes that are more practical and more convenient for parent’s schedules.

School approved programs

Scotch Plains School system has allowed us the opportunity to utilize your Summer program which was highly beneficial for my daughter. I would like to continue to use your program either during the week or on Saturdays but it is unaffordable to us. My daughter continues to make progress with your summer programs. I hope the school allows her to continue. We have been very satisfied with her progress, your instructors and your programs.

Great quality of service
While it is hard to know what is helping when you are trying several things at once, I was impressed by the quality of the camp. I also liked how the camp had substantial, fun activities for kids when it rained. My son really enjoyed it.

Offering support to the family

Always very appreciative of everything SFCC does for both our son and our family.

Family support

My son has grown tremendously since attending Stepping Forward Counseling Center’s programs. We use their behavior strategies often and they help to keep him motivated.

Best Staff

Amazing staff, kind, caring compassionate and always go the extra mile!

More parent classes

SFCC has made a great difference in my child’s behavior and confidence level. However, I wish they would have parent classes that are more practical and more convenient for parent’s schedules.

Team approach

The staff has been instrumental is helping us work through our issues and develop real solutions to help our child succeed. We owe them so much and are very grateful!

Family at peace

Thank you to the SFCC staff who made a huge difference in our daily family life! We are finally at a point where we don’t need to be mad at each other all the time and can live peacefully and lovingly!

Great staff

We love your summer program! Staff is wonderful, too. It would be nice to have a little more communication as far as how the child is doing on goals or specifics on how issues/goals are being addressed.

SFCC has been transforming for my child and our family. It is a very professional and warm environment.

SFCC is a lifesaver for the families of kids with special needs. The ability to attend a camp setting with a therapy focus is unique and nearly impossible to find elsewhere. I will continue to send my daughter to SFCC during the school year and the summer, for as long as she requires the support. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us this summer.

Evidence-based treatment

My child loves your program. We definitely have noticed improvements in his behaviors since he started the program.

You always make an appointment

Great program. Younger staff need to feel empowered to share details about child’s progress or at least facilitate getting a status report to parents. Parents are still confused on how to approach for info at end of day. I know to ask and set up my 1:1, but many parents don’t and feel lost. Be transparent about how you want to communicate. They are also super tentative about how to interact with kids which give kids mixed signals. Office staff (BREE!!!!) and tenured counselors are fabulous. Cost is phenomenal for services received if insurance covers. Incredibly positive, beneficial environment with very unique approach. Love your program.

Every child’s special

We have been very happy at SFCC! There is not a lot of place or program where my boy fits in but you guys are awesome with him! Thank you!

World renowned program

لقد الحقت ابني المصاب بالتوحد و البالغ من العمر 5 سنوات بالبرنامج الصيفي (الصيف الماضي 2017)، و لقد استفاد و استمتع جدا من هذه التجربة! المركز يشعرك بالدفئ و الحميمية والموظفين وديين و رائعين للغاية. الثقافة المتنوعة بالمركز جعلت ابني وعائلتي كلها تشعر ترحيبا كبيرا.
I enrolled my 5-year-old son with autism in the summer program (last summer 2017) and he absolutely loved it! The environment is very warm and the staff is very friendly. With such diverse culture, my son and my whole family felt most welcomed.