Parenting Programs for Mental Health Guidance In Irvine, Yorba Linda CA, and Chatham, New Jersey

Stepping Forward Counseling Center (SFCC) is the best mental health facility in Southern California and New Jersey. With three open locations, SFCC offers top-quality parenting programs for mental health guidance in Irvine, Yorba Linda, and New Jersey. Our relentless dedication to changing our client’s life in a positive manner is unmatchable. Our incredibly passionate and highly knowledgeable mental health specialists are experts in helping children and young adults who display neurobiological disorders, emotional issues, or mental illnesses, such as Bipolar Disorder, Conduct Disorder, ADHD/ADD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, etc. With SFCC, we not only better our client’s quality of life, but we also offer exceptional Parenting Programs and Parenting Classes to help guide you to understand and care for your child when they’re away from SFCC.

The participation of parents and other household members is extremely important to the patient’s progression. Our experts will teach you the correct methods and tactics to reinforce with your child so that they may successfully transfer the skills they learn at SFCC to everyday reality. SFCC is based in Southern California, but our highly effective mental health services are available nationwide. Our wide variety of excellent parenting programs will play a positive role in both your child and your family dynamic. For more detailed information about our parenting programs, continue to read below. Contact Stepping Forward Counseling Center to register today!

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Parent Training

In order to ensure that progress achieved in our clinical setting is generalized to the home environment, a professional trained in Applied Behavior Analysis will work with all family members and relevant adults. Our professionals will work with the family to utilize ABA strategies with the aim of increasing positive behaviors and decreasing inappropriate behaviors. Family members will learn to identify these behaviors, as well as how to implement reinforcement strategies in order to ensure appropriate behaviors in the home. Parent training is set up twice a month and on an as-needed basis.

Parent Workshops & Training

Parent workshops and training are scheduled throughout the year and offered as a supplement to the therapies offered. Parent training is considered an integral part of all SFCC programs, and participation in at least three workshops is mandatory, as reflected in your child’s treatment plan. The aim of the workshops is to assist parents in helping their children generalize the skills they learn during programming to the outside environment.

Parent Workshops Include but Are Not Limited to

  • Introduction to Behavior Management, Parent Support, and Skills Training
  • Behavior Management Parent-Training
  • Parent Support and Skills Training Group
  • Get Your Child to School
  • Create a Peaceful Homework Environment
  • Improving Sibling Relationships

Parent Support and Skills Training Group

The group is open to all parents and guardians of children/adolescents currently or previously enrolled in SFCC. This group will help parents learn self-care, self-monitoring and other skills needed for effective parenting; it will complement the behavior meetings designed to help parents understand and shape their child’s behavior. This group will be held to provide a venue for parents to gain support from one another. This venue will also enable the sharing of resources, as well as a strong emphasis on parent self-care.

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