Highly Effective Mental Health Programs In Irvine, Yorba Linda, CA, and Chatham, New Jersey

Stepping Forward Counseling Center (SFCC) offers highly effective, intense mental health programs for children and young adults with mental and psychological disorders. With three convenient locations, SFCC is the best mental health centre in Southern California (Irvine & Yorba Linda) and Chatham, New Jersey. We offer a highly effective PCP Partial Care Day Program, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, CBT, MCBT with mindfulness exercises, academic instruction, psychological evaluation consultation, parent training, and a variety of other evidence-based therapies designed for individual treatment and success. Our mental health experts collaborate with outside providers—therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, etc.—to ensure that the patient receives continuity of service. We offer our top-notch mental health services to clients nationwide. Our Day and Afterschool Programs utilize group, individual, and family treatment modalities and include a comprehensive behavioral management system to promote safe, healthy, and prosocial behaviors.

Receive the Best Mental Health Help with SFCC

Program activities employ a behavior modification plan and a token economy system. Clients earn points based on individual and group treatment goals, which they trade in for chosen reinforcers following activities four to five times per day.

Each child’s treatment plan includes four common goals—for example (but not limited to) the use of respectful language, using your words to express what you are feeling, listening and following instructions, making positive self-statements, and participating during each activity—as well as three customized goals based on their individual needs.

In addition to evidence-based therapies and expressive art therapies, both programs include a holistic healing component. The Day Program is designed for individuals who are in need of a comprehensive, short-term, intensive level of care in order to prevent inpatient hospitalization or as a step down from an inpatient program. Clients who attend the Day Program are generally experiencing acute psychological symptoms that are difficult to manage. Clients who attend do not require 24-hour mental health treatment. The Day Program includes individual, group, and family therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness exercise, psychiatric and psychological evaluation consultation, parent training, academic instruction, and a variety of other evidence-based therapies designed for individual treatment and success. We tailor our programs to suit the needs of our clients. To receive more information, contact Stepping Forward Counseling Center today!

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